US Presidential Election 2012

US ELECTION SHThe Media School’s US Election Coverage involved over 200 people and delivered news live on election night through the platforms of television, radio and online.  Alastair Campbell and Libertarian vice-presidential candidate Judge, Jim Gray, were amongst our interviewees for our coverage.

I played the role of Assistant News Editor for Online.

On the week leading up to election night, I sub-edited features before they were published and worked on afternoon shifts, writing news for the website. I source and interviewed people in the US to support the stories.On the night of election, I worked from 5pm on the 6th November GMT until 8am on the 7th November 2012. I assisted in leading two teams of student journalists, ensuring the most accurate reports were published. Alongside updating the State votes, we published news and features. I sub-editied every piece of copy to make sure the house-style was maintained. I also added a photograph to every single piece before it was published.

The website received over 16,000 hits from the launch until the end of election day.

The rest of the project was also a success. The radio coverage was streamed live on local radio station Hope FM and the TV content was featured on the website.

Click the following links to see some of the work I produced for the project. Some articles include podcasts and other multimedia content.

Offensive rape comments affect presidential votes
Voting machine glitches mar election
New York death toll rises after Sandy
Superstorm Sandy suspends election campaigns

Click here to view the full website or watch the video below for a sneaky peek behind the scenes:

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