Mumsnet, 999 calls and two-year-olds

Front page of the West Somerset County Gazette. Listen to Toby's 999 phone call here.

Front page of the West Somerset County Gazette. Listen to Toby’s 999 phone call here.

The latest Mumsnet campaign revealed some shocking statistics: 37% of parents have not yet taught their children to call 999. That’s shocking.

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To be honest, I’ve only ever had to do it once and it was the scariest thing ever, and I grew up with a mum who was a nurse who emblazed the necessary information on my brain.

I was clued up. I can’t even imagine what it’s like in an emergency for someone who doesn’t have a Scooby-doo what to do.

But another key issue that came out of the study was that a large number of those parents didn’t think that their child was “mature” enough to know that sort of thing.

Thus I bring your attention to Toby Thomas, the two-year-old who saved his mother’s life.

I wrote the story for the Somerset County Gazette – read the full story here.

Danielle Thomas was knocked unconscious after falling down the stairs in her house whilst carrying some washing.

Two-year-old Toby got help by calling 999 and subsequently letting the emergency services into the house.

Something Danielle said to me was that she hadn’t really taught any of that information to Toby because “he was too young”.

Understandably, with hindsight her opinion had changed.

Although I don’t have a child of my own, I can’t emphasize it enough – teach your child how and when to call 999.

You never know, they could save your life.

Mums net campaign features a brave five-year-old who made the call that saved her mum’s life.

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