Queen’s Speech 2015: why you SHOULD care

So, the news has been dominated by the ‘Queen’s Speech’, and at 8 minutes and 29 seconds (it was a short one this year – the Queen’s average is 9 minutes and 50 seconds), it’s hard for us to tune in and take interest.

The Queen gives a speech at the opening of Parliament every year, outlining what her government is going to achieve in the coming Parliamentary year. She doesn’t write it, ministers do. What is the point of the Queen being there you may ask? Because we’re British and traditional and we love seeing someone who was born into wealth, wearing jewels and an expensive cape tell us about benefit cuts. We just do.

It’s what is in the speech that matters though because it outlines the Bills the government are pledging to pass and it will affect YOU. Do you care about how much tax you pay? About owning your own house? About schools? About jobs? About the NHS? About Human Rights? About childcare? About devolution? Then you should care about the Queen’s Speech.

Here’s a break down of the key issues addressed in the Queen’s Speech 2015. It’ll be worth a read, I promise.

© Hollie Borland

© Hollie Borland

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