A cheeky pre-op update

Hiya, me again. Off to hospital again. Same old…

Except it’s not the same old because this time I’m prepared *flexes muscles*. This is the beauty of a planned hospital trip, I know what to pack, what not to pack, what time to arrive, where to go and I know roughly how long I’ll be there for.

Here’s what’s going in my bag:

Hospital Bag

(A cheeky illustration drawn by me.)

Here’s a brief lowdown for all for you – I promise I won’t keep you long.

Oli’s coming in with me to St Thomas’ Hospital for 7am (for real I have an early start) and I’ll be nil-by-mouth. I’m on the morning list but you never know someone might be a higher priority to me so hey ho. The op should only take around an hour and I should only be in for 24 hours, 48 if I’m in a lot of pain. Then I’ll poodle off on my way home to Hotel Mum and Dad for a couple of weeks because it’s logical – they have heating, food and Max who will *happily* be my slave. My personal nurse. Pahahaaaaaa.

However, I must let you know that there is a possibility that they could open me up and decide that it’s too dangerous to remove the rib. This is good really because I don’t want them to take any unnecessary risks. But bad because you know, I want my life back!

Here’s just an update on what I know so far:

  • There’s nothing wrong with the way my blood clots. This is a good sign that the cause is very likely to be a pinch on my vein, so a cheeky rib removal should do the trick. This means I can fly! Hello Barcelona for Chloë’s 21st! Travel insurance has gone go considerably though… B*****ds.
  • I’ve been back at work for a few weeks now, splitting my hours between being in the office and being at home. Typing hurts. I think the cause of the trouble was sitting at a desk that isn’t the right height for me. It’s probably given me a bit of bad posture, I’ve built up the muscle and then it’s pinched on the vein. So I’ll have to get something done about that.
  • I’m loving telling people I have a syndrome. Particularly when I call shotgun on the front seat, or if something I do isn’t quite right. People tend to get awkward when I say: “Yeah but I have a syndrome, a genuine disability. That’s why I can’t sit in the back of a car.”
  • I’m likely to be off work for two weeks plus, but we’ll just see how I’m feeling afterwards. One step at a time eh?

I’m not going to lie, I’m bricking it a little bit so I won’t pick up the phone to anyone before the op, and straight after I’ll be high as a kite so I won’t pick up the phone to anyone then either. Don’t be offended! But Oli and mum will be on hand so drop them a text if you want a response tomorrow!

Until my next blog post, read Chloë’s post about her trip to Lesvos. She worked her balls off helping the boats come in from Turkey over night and the Dutch press are all over the work they were doing – she even made it to their news. Chloë B for Prime Minister, I say.

Read ‘When one door closes…’ here.


Chloë helping a young boy off the boat from Turkey, as caught by Dutch cameras.



One thought on “A cheeky pre-op update

  1. Caroline Johnson says:

    Hello Hollie
    You don’t really know me, I’m one of your mums cousins, from Suffolk. I was speaking to your nan a few days ago and she told me about the problems you have been having with your arm and the clot. I hope your op goes really well and makes a huge difference to you. Best wishes and hoping for a speedy recovery.
    Caroline x

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