Easy Lads!

You’ve landed on a little piece of the internet that belongs to me.

I’m a feminist, I love a good political debate and I take fancy dress very seriously.

At the moment a freelance multimedia journalist based in London. I am currently working at Heart radio at Global Radio HQ in Leicester Square. I am the Entertainment Editor at heart.co.uk with a love of film, books and music. Here, I also dabble in the latest lifestyle and showbiz news, I tinker on social media and sometimes you might catch my over-excited tones on the radio. Once, I asked Gary Barlow if he’d ever had hair transplants. Probably a career highlight…

Before Global, I was a Video Editor, Producer and Researcher at the MailOnline where I worked on all sorts of videos from the General Election 2015 to more sensitive footage from ISIS, all the while managing to satisfy my Kardashian addiction with the latest showbiz gossip.

And before I hit the Big Smoke, I was a humble newspaper reported at the Somerset County Gazette. This job was a great start to my journalism career where I battle for the front page with stories from court or investigations into local politics and also once, a story about a prize-winning pigeon named after Lionel Messi.

I have a First Class Honours degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University and I am NCTJ accredited. I’m also a Gold Swimmer and have a badge to prove it.

There’s a whole load of things on this website I’m proud of, particularly my documentary, Souviens Toi, and I’m currently documenting my experience of discovering that I had a MASSIVE blood clot in my arm – I’ve somewhat humorously labeled this the Clot Saga.

If you would like to commission me for freelance work or just get in touch, you can do via Twitter @HollieBorland or on LinkedIn.

Take a look at my showreel.

All the views on here are my own unless stated otherwise, as are the photographs – so don’t go nabbing them please! The same goes for my illustrations – I drew and edited them myself. If you would like to use anything on this website, please contact me for permission beforehand and please acknowledge me as the originator.

I hope you’ve found what you’re looking for – Cheers then, bye!



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