Fire Radio


Fire radio is a station based in Bournemouth with a listenership of around 316,000. I completed work experience in December 2013 where I conducted face to face interviews for a number of different stories. I edited and scripted the news packages myself. Presenters Cat Greeves and Maria Greenwood read the news.

This story is about an LEP initiative in Bournemouth and Poole where I interviewed Andrew Thomas, Employment & Skills Board Manager at Poole Council. I also scripted the package.

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In this sound clip I conducted a vox pop where I asked members of the public whether they agree with a potential 11% pay rise for MPs.

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A breaking news story about a woman who was stabbed. I went down to the murder scene to describe what I could see in an as live. It was the top story in the bulletin.

A warning about buying fake goods was issued by Bournemouth and Poole Council. I followed the story up by interviewing Andy Sherriff, Trading Standards Manager for Bournemouth Borough Council.



In June 1944, the villagers of Oradour-sur-Glane were murdered by Nazi soldiers. This documentary explores the ruins of the village that remain and what they mean to France.


International Documentary Challenge 2013. This collaboration between Guerrilla Pictures and NewsLab BU explores the buying and selling of human bones in Dorset.

Aworking xmas

This short documentary is a group university assignment. It is produced in the style of The One Show and focusses on those people who choose to work on Christmas Day.

Memento Mori

Guerrilla Pictures and NewsLab BU collaborated on this project to produce a documentary to enter into the 2013 International Documentary Challenge. I was the role of producer.

The team were given the genre of ‘social issue’ and a theme of ‘harmony’.  Titled Memento Mori, the documentary focusses on a shop in Dorset which sells human bones and dark Victorian Antiques. We looked specifically at the value of life and death and the market for the dark arts. The eight minute documentary was filmed and edited in just over four days.

Souviens-toi: Remember

To view the whole multimedia project click here.

In the Haute-Vienne region of France lies the village of Oradour-sur-Glane. The land is scarred by the massacre of an entire village by the Waffen SS Division. On 10th June 1944, 642 people lost their lives: 190 men, 247 women, 205 children. Under the decree of President Charles de Gaulle, the ruins cannot be destroyed. As no one was charged for the crimes committed 70 years ago, investigations continue to seek justice. This documentary explores what the remains mean to France and features interviews from Dr Iain Stewart from Queen Mary University, and Cécile Faure from the Centre de la Mémoire d’Oradour-sur-Glane. It was produced as part of my final year Multi-Media Project. Other aspects of the project include producing a behind the scenes video, an interactive map, a feature, a podcast and a blog of the journey. I also familiarised myself with basic HTML in order to differentiate between the projects webpages and the host webpages. To view the whole project click here.

A Working Christmas

Written for the One Show, this second year university project focusses on the people who work on Christmas Day.  When everyone is caught up in wrapping, cooking and entertaining on the 25th December, for some it is just an ordinary working day.

We interviewed Tim Ak, a shopkeeper; Jennifer Deanie, manager of Days Hotel in Bournemouth; and Derek Heritage, a taxi driver. This is just a small handful of people who keep Britain moving on Christmas Day.


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I am a freelance multimedia journalist in the London and Kent area. I have a degree in Multimedia Journalism from Bournemouth University and I am NCTJ accredited – with 80 words per minute shorthand.

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