What Ed Miliband and Mean Girls have in (House of) common(s)

Like when Cady Heron returned to North Shore High School after the Plastics disbanded, today Ed Miliband returned to the House of Commons for the first time since his attempt at running for Prom King in the General Election.

Ed’s comeback to the House was noted by fellow MPs who said that he was the most relaxed he had been in months.

The former Labour leader sat in the row second to the back in the familiar green benches smiling and waving to colleagues – but it’s his poker face that he needs to work on.

Whilst listening to Labour MP Clive Watts speak about a report into the FIFA corruption scandal, Ed was caught bearing a true Wallis and Grommit smile and mouthing ‘hi’ as he caught the eye of a colleague – probably Regina George – before immediately turning away and dropping a disgusted look.

Ed, that’s so not fetch.

Here’s a video I made for the MailOnline, via their website.


Read the full story here: Ed Miliband returns to the Commons via the Daily Mail

Coalition for the commoner (and by commoner I mean people like me)

It’s voting day – and I am genuinely excited! This election is so close!

I know politics can be boring because it’s so complicated and so complex it hard to stay engaged, but I feel that it is important for us all to know the basics. This election is particularly exciting because the most recent polls suggest that the outcome of the election will most likely be a coalition. And this time around there are so many possibilities.

I’ve made a diagram that shows the possible outcomes for a coalition and what one might work and what ones are unlikely to ever happen. I’ve decided to focus on the key players from the TV debates: Ed Miliband (Labour), David Cameron (Conservative), Nick Clegg (Liberal Democrats), Nicola Sturgeon (Scottish National Party), Natalie Bennett (Green Party), Nigel Farage (United Kingdom Independence Party), Leanne Wood (Plaid Cymru).

I drew the images myself – I hope this helps. Let me know what you think! Click on the image to see it bigger if you need to.

Guide to chaotic coalitions #UKelection2015